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September 28: Rainsville Small Business Opportunity Day

1:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the Tom Bevill Enrichment Center in Rainsville. The Rainsville Chamber is hosting the free event in cooperation with The Catalyst Center for Business & Entrepreneurship (

This 4-hour workshop is designed to introduce aspiring, new and current business owners to the core elements of business management and planning needed to grow your business and accelerate your success.

Join us for an information-packed afternoon where you will create a road map to confidently scale your business growth in 2017. Workshop/lecture topics will include:

- Reaching Your Ideal Customer
- Marketing to Millennials
- Increase Revenue / Decrease Stress
- Hiring and Managing Employees Well

Entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to connect with people who provide some of the most valuable small business resources in our region. Bring along your partners, advisors and key staff. Without their support your growth will never be more than a good idea! So register yourself. Register your partner. Register your staff.

Or, register by calling or emailing the Rainsville Chamber.

Downloads and links: flyer PDF icon  |  Event on Facebook  |  Email Alert about event 

Want more of a good thing?

More small business resources and learning opportunities are coming to a nearby city on the day before the Rainsville event. The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce will host a Small Business Opportunity Day from 8 a.m. to noon on September 27 at the Impact Learning Center in Scottsboro. Their topics will include:

- How to Fund Your New Business
- Overview of the SBA Loan Process
- Social Media Marketing and
- Better Networking & Resourcing.

Learn more about their event on Eventbrite.