Rainsville Chamber of Commerce
Rainsville is a small city of approximately 5,000 residents located on the large plateau known as Sand Mountain in northeast Alabama.



Rainsville was incorporated in 1956.

Rainsville is named in honor of Will Rains who opened an eight-by-twelve foot log general store at the crossroads in 1902.

According to Census figures, Rainsville's population grew about 16% between 1990 and 2000, and about 32% between 1980 and 1990.

Interstate 59 is eight miles from Rainsville. Rainsville is located at the crossroads of two important transportation routes: Alabama Highway 35 and Alabama Highway 75. Rainsville's nickname, "The Crossroads of Sand Mountain," is derived from this fact.

Rainsville's business community features a variety of industry, along with professionals such as healthcare providers and lawyers, and retail stores. Due to a large number of businesses in the healthcare sector, and with four banks in the city, Rainsville could easily be considered the healthcare and financial hub of Sand Mountain. The industrial sector's most notable products include church furniture, steel products, cardboard bailers, and plastic parts for new Honda mini vans. The Rainsville Chamber of Commerce Inc. has about 125 members, and there are over 250 businesses in the city.

Average annual temperature: 57 degrees

Average January temperature: 35.8 degrees

Average July temperature: 75.8 degrees

Average annual precipitation: 42.15 inches

Growing season: early April until late December

Nearest waterway: Tennessee River, approx. 15 miles

Nearest airport: Isbell Field in Fort Payne, approx. 13 miles (commercial airports are less than one and a half hour away in both Huntsville and Chattanooga).


Population - Rainsville city:

2010         2000        1990

4,948       4,499        3,875

Population - DeKalb County:

2010        2000        1990

71,109    64,452    54,651

Source: US Census Bureau, Census 2010, Census 2000, Census 1990


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